Let’s Not Dance on the Grave

  • Antonin_Scalia,_SCOTUS_photo_portraitIt is hard for any liberal
    • (particularly a lawyer) to not contemplate the possibilities upon learning that Associate Justice Antonin Scalia has died in the middle of a court term. I have publicly criticized Justice Scalia in writing and in talks that I have presented. I particularly abhor certain statements that he has made regarding the death penalty.

    Yet, I bristle at seeing so many rejoice in his death. Justice Scalia was a human being. And, notwithstanding my disagreement with most of his stances, he was a public servant. He dedicated his life to jurisprudence, and he effectively and enthusiastically advocated (and as a Supreme Court Justice, implemented) his honestly held views.

    That does not make him an evil person. Does anyone seriously believe that he acted with evil intent? Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg certainly does not. She and Scalia were extremely close personal friends. Surely, she is in a better position to judge his intentions than anyone outside of the Court.

    Let us be gracious in our view of those with whom we disagree, even as we are zealous in our diagreement.



1 thought on “Let’s Not Dance on the Grave

  1. Well said. It would be a much better country if people would disagree and fight passionately on ideas but not ascribed ill intent buy person you are in disagreement

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