Leave Brittney Alone!

Griner blocks UConn guard Bria Hartley

( John Woike, Hartford Courant / November 16, 2010 )

UConn fans have been waiting for tonight’s game against Baylor – the last time that dominant center Brittney Griner will be coming to Connecticut.  Today’s article by John Altavilla in the Hartford Courant touches upon something that has been bothering me for some time.  There have been more than a few cruel comments on social media about Ms. Griner, and I wish the assholes doing this would knock it off.  I came across an excellent blog post in Fit and Feminist: The Misgendering of Brittney Griner.  The blogger, who is identified as “Caitlin”, writes:

I’m not going to repeat the things I saw about Brittney Griner; I’ll leave that to your imagination.  I will say that I find our culture’s ongoing obsession with policing gender completely baffling, and the misgendering of Griner is no exception.

In case you are not familiar with Griner, she’s the totally sensational junior who plays for the Baylor Bears.  She’s 6’8″, has a wingspan that is wider than most people are tall, she dunks hard and blocks like a wall, and has been noted for her androgynous looks.  She also happens to have a pretty deep voice.

Thus, her detractors say, she must be a man!

Of course, you don’t have to have a long memory to recall just how many times a similar criticism – that a woman is a man, is a lesbian or is a doper or is just a plain freak – has been leveled at a woman who dominates her sport.

It is a shame that society scores masculinity and femininity by how far an individual’s physical traits differ from the typical traits of the opposite sex.  Most women athletes don’t look to be judged for their femininity, and no civil society should countenance this crap.  Griner is a spectacular athlete who is changing the way the woman’s game is played.

I just hope she doesn’t change it too much tonight!


1 thought on “Leave Brittney Alone!

  1. The enfatuation and preocupation on Britney’s gender is ‘ bussiness as usual” in American culture. Capitolism drives the need to comodify everything regardless of the degrading impact. Nothing in American society is protected from an opportunity to profit. While many media mouth pieces are criticising those who express concern of Britney’s gender, they are capitalizing on the critisim as material for their reporting. Why shouldn’t people voice their opinions or suspicion. Britney is a public figure. Her appearance is on display everytime she steps on the court, in the same maner as any other public figure. She does have an uncommon appearance. She does have an added advantage over the rest of the women league. So what if she wants to play basketball, no one is saying that she shouldn’t play. It’s simply whetter she shoud be playing in the women league, not to say she should be in the Men’s league. Since the issue of gender/sexual preference has become comon place in American society, its not unlikely that we’ll soon see the movement for multi gender equal rights as we’ve seen with every group. I don’t agree with equal rigts movements or laws that restrict people of their freedom. I have no desire or interest in voting or deciding what priviledge or benefit another person should have. For that same reason I don’t want some other group deciding for me.. The last time I checked, restricting others from any privilege, benefit or rights is defined as discrimination.. but than again, that’s the American way….
    The constitution has been amended because it was a doctrine for mass discrimination.. As we came along, amendments are required to remove the limitation on those that were subjected by its publication. Sexes are governed by XY’s. The ruling class in America is males, White anglo males. Are they superior or frighten inferiors. When this gets out of the closet, they too will be asking for their rights, which wil be to do away with the constitution because it will no longer serve them as a protective device.

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